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For 17 years, Camilla Uddgren has travelled to inspire, motivate and empower people as a speaker and tap-dancer all over the world. She has a great ability to combine practical advice, stories and humour to create engaging programs and talks that motivate the audience to make their dreams alive and live their way to the Good Life. Her sense of humour and use of real-life examples from her own experiences deeply touches the listeners and brings them an uplifting rhapsody of the gifts of life and the value of dreaming, caring and loving.
Her enlightening words invigorates and energises people to get more meaningful lives, reduce their levels of stress and turn anxiety into a more relaxed, fun, healthy and successful life. For the kick-off or greater convent, she creates events and shows with musicians and singers, that combine laughter with tears, humour with the deepest questions of life. .


About Camilla

In her own life, Camilla has made a dream come true: a traumatic childhood, a difficult teenage hood as a crippled could have led to her disaster. Instead she decided to get a new life, a life of joy and a life of health. As she struggled against two chronic illnesses she became well by her own hard will, stubbornness and faith. She has learned the great power of humour and laughter and the importance of living your life to the full by being here and now.

She brings to every event she conducts a wealth of knowledge, a broad educational background and a great experience from working with organizations, local and central governments, different industries and companies as well as open seminars in churches and open convents. She has a Master's degree in Religious Studies, a Bachelor's degree in Health Educational Sciences, many years of study in Psychology, Conflict Solving, Anthropology and several other sciences at the University of Gothenburg. She is also a tap-dancer and performer has appeared on a variety of scenes and festivals.

As a speaker, Camilla Uddgren spreads inspiring, spontaneous and memorable messages on how to overcome challenges and create the life that you dream of, appeals to a wide-range audience. By her tap dance, she gives that little extra dynamic to her speech. 

She is often found talking to groups needing a rousing lift and good laugh or those going through changes such as cut downs along with health problems among the employees. Her "live your life to the full" message teaches business leaders and employees how to reduce stress and anxiety, how to get what you want by finding your creative inner willpower and how to get more out of life by choosing laughter, love and happiness. She tells you how the power of choice puts you in a leadership role in your life and how you can overcome the sense of stress and anxiety by taking charge of your own time.
In addition, she emphasizes the need to go within, accept both pain and the dark periods in life as a means of knowing yourself better, being able to understand your neighbour and getting a deeper access to your inner joy and laughter. 

From Wheelchair to Long-distance Runner

Camilla has successfully manifested her dreams. She has healed herself of chronic illness and a life as an invalid, through her strong will and because she believed in miracles and her inner strength. Though she was surrounded by sceptical people, she was still able to become who she is today; a strong and healthy young woman with a remarkable zest for life.

Camilla will teach you what life has taught her. She has a wonderful ability to combine practical advice, anecdotes, humour and tap dance to create an invigorating atmosphere for her audience. You will be uplifted, fascinated and touched as she tells you about her life experience.

Her mission is simple: Be like a child, be fascinated as a child and be naive enough to believe in miracles. Life is not serious, we make it serious! Life is a miracle, you are a miracle and joy is your birthright!

Camilla creates a talk or an event to suit the needs, the setting and the audience for every occasion. Tap-dance is always included and other dancers and/or musicians are booked on request. Camilla is available for bookings all around the world.

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* Inspired and Motivated - How to Become an Inspiring Leader

* Conflict Solving In Business Settings

* The Power of Your Thoughts – Be Adventurous and Turn Your Life To the Better

* Miracles and Being a Miracle – The Deep Secrets of Life

Target audience: general public, corporate/management/general staff
Duration of speech: 45-180 minutes


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